Project Plan

YEAR 2020

Property Acquisition Completed

This is the property where Douro Village Passal will come true.

Cleaning Completed

Cleaning the property and starting imagine the village layout.
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YEAR 2021

Construction permit Awarded

Permission to build was granted today by the municipality mayor Cristina Vieira, and local town mayor, Ricardo Soares.

Tholos Architects


Eng.º Bruno Caetano and architect Ana Luca working for finishing Douro Village Passal.

Construction Date


The first phase includes landscaping, infrastructure, stone walls, power and water connections, roads, and common facilities.

douro village passal

Starting Landscaping

August 25th

Starting landscaping for Douro Village Passal.

Starting Walls

December 7th

Start building stone walls.

First wall Completed

February 4th

The first and largest retaining wall is completed.

Happy Buyer – Plot 7

March 1st

Feel the spirit of the Douro.

Starting house – Plot 5

October 12th

Start of the first house construction with our first buyer.

Construction of house – Plot 5

November 12th

House taking shape.

Construction of house – Plot 5

December 9th

House started – Plot 4

February 15th

Under development

Finishing phase started – Plot 5

May 30th

Under development

Three covered houses

September 30th

Three covered houses

Happy Buyer – Plot 2

October 3th

Feel the spirit of the Douro.
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YEAR 2023

Project Completed
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Frequently Asked Questions

01Are the two-story houses also suitable for the elderly or handicapped?

Both floors are also accessible from the outside and there is the possibility of installing a wheelchair lift at a later date.

02What about after-sales support?

We are happy to provide you with free advice for at least one year after moving into your house.
On request, we can also arrange a private domestic worker or cleaning assistant for a maximum of 6 euros per hour.

03What do I have to do before I buy my house. I am afraid of the language problems and the bureaucracy.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process step by step, together with the architect. We will also assist you in applying for a tax number (NIF), registration with the local authorities, accompany you to the lawyer, notary, and land registry. You can build and trust in our network.

04What extra costs can be expected each month?

The general costs are divided proportionally according to the ownership share.
Depending on the size of the property, the costs are on average 250 Euros per month and include the maintenance, care, and cleaning of the shared facility by a permanent employee. The general electricity costs of the facility, such as the community house and park will be included. The maintenance of your private garden and the cleaning and maintenance of your private swimming pool is also the responsibility of the permanent employee and is included in these costs as well.

05What about the acceptance of same-sex couples in Portugal?

Although the Catholic religion is the most widespread, Portugal is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world and homosexual couples can also feel comfortable and welcome in Bem Viver.