News10 reasons to choose Portugal

Portugal is booming.
The country has left the debt crisis behind, the economy is growing again, and more and more foreign seniors are settling in Portugal. Many come not only for the sun but also for the tax breaks. 

In Portugal, emigrants have the benefit from special status, the “residente não habitual“. Portugal is the only EU country in which pensions and capital benefits from newcomers – including those from Switzerland – are tax-exempt. In addition, newcomers who work in Portugal as scientists, artists, or in a profession with high added value, have the benefit from a flat rate of 20 percent. This includes top management from companies, doctors, architects, engineers, tax consultants, and investors.

  1. Quality of life
    1. In Portugal life is more relaxed with less stress or hectic situations.
  2. Tax benefits
    1. Retired people who go to Portugal have the benefit of special tax conditions.
  3. More value for money
    1. Nowhere in Western Europe do you need so less money for daily living as in Portugal. 
  4. Your dream house
    1. In Portugal, houses with more land around and good views can still be afforded financially 
  5. Culinary
    1. Varied and traditional kitchen with sensational local wines. 
  6. Mild climate
    1. In Portugal, the sun shines 300 days a year. 
  7. The hospitality of the Portuguese
    1. Portuguese people are hospitable, very friendly, and always helpful. 
  8. Good accessibility
    1. From Europe, there are several direct flights to Porto and Lisbon several times a day. 
  9. Diversity of the landscape
    1. In Portugal, you will find beautiful beaches, romantic rivers, and unspoiled areas.
  10. Good health care
    1. Medical care in Portugal is above average compared to other EU countries — and cheap.